i Smell A Rant

Opinions … lots of them … some even make sense



Opinionated, vocationally challenged brutes living in a world of folly, spewing vitriol about the human race.

When cynicism, bitterness, and intolerance for all things stupid can’t be turned into a viable movie script, book, short story, or other authentic piece of published writing, crazies turn to the free and incredibly cluttered world of blogging…at least until they’re once again gainfully employed or their enthusiasm for spending long hours writing lengthy harangues few people read starts to wane.

iSmellARant will offer up much in the way of social criticism and nothing in the way of practical solutions to the human stupidity epidemic.

So, read on and carry on; there’s a whole big world of people out there that needs saving.


Who to blame for this nonsense:

gonzozic  gonzozic

A hopeless romantic, gonzozic has spent his life dealing with the uncomfortable possibility that he may have been conceived through a sloppy, drunken New Year’s Eve romp. Edgey, sarcastic, glum yet gentlemanly and nice, he steals borrows heavily from the savage verbiage of the late Hunter Stockton Thompson, the original Gonzo. His interests include Doritos, baseball, and hunting for deals on Lids.ca. Not-so-secretly, he carries a torch for Ryan Gosling and hopes to one day be photographed walking through the park holding hands and laughing with a visibly enamoured Emma Stone.


4 comments on “About

  1. rbstingme
    December 30, 2012

    Wonderful intro’s from what I can see is going to provide me with entertainment, gut wrenching laughter and a touch of shock value !!!!
    I look forward to more enjoyable, comments that allow me to gasp and laugh at the same time.

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  3. AnamariaA
    March 11, 2014

    I considered a rant…but it doesn’t quite sound the same when you only have gag reflex-inducing nice things to say!

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Opinions ... lots of them ... some even make sense


Opinions ... lots of them ... some even make sense

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Opinions ... lots of them ... some even make sense

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Opinions ... lots of them ... some even make sense

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